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Using the collaborative power of the entire community, we’re creating a game knowledge quiz which gives you the chance to win 1,000 gold simply by thinking up a multiple-choice question ranging from easy to expert. Simply submit your question, the answer, and any number of incorrect answers. Entries will be open over the weekend, then twenty randomly selected participants will be awarded on Monday, October 18th at Noon PST!

What type of information should be included for this game knowledge quiz?

  • Key mechanics, such as faction-based mechanics, ship classes, weapon types, damage types, item types, and resistances.

  • Game features, such as PvP & PvE Combat, crafting, deep space, events, time-limited campaigns, and fleet commanders.

  • The metagame from Tier 7 onwards.


  • Before Deep Space, which location would you expect to find event targets?

    • Caramel Nebula

    • Crimson Nebula

    • Carmine Nebula

    • Carbine Nebula

  • Including all hulls that can be created in the ship factory or through crafting, how many damage types are used, total?

    • 5

    • 6

    • 7

    • 8

  • In 2018, how many phases did Decimation have?

    • 2

    • 3

    • 4

    • 5

  • Which event would you most likely find Spectre tokens in?

    • Module Token Riot

    • Monthly feature event

    • Mobilization

    • Retrograde


Twenty entries will be selected at random and all twenty players will receive 1,000 gold on Monday, October 18th at Noon PST!


Take some time to think of a question, then once you’re ready to submit your entry:

  1. Take note of your VEGA Conflict user id number.

    1. While in-game, tap your profile picture at the top-left of the screen. The ID# appears underneath your nickname.

  2. Submit your entry HERE from now until Monday, October 18th.


  • The question and answer must be accurate.

  • You can submit as many legitimate questions & answers as you can think of!

  • The submission period closes Monday, October 18th at 9AM PST.

  • NSFW/Trolling submissions will be disqualified.

Good luck, Rebels!

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