Delayed: Downtime & Release Notes (10/12/21)

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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 12TH @ 1:30PM PST (Est. 1 hr)


In this release, look out for new content including the Spectre Warbird, Tracker Torpedo, Carbyne Armors, and Hangar Wings. For base defense, look forward to the Fulgor Beam Turret and Spawner Module Sentries. A change occurring in this release is for the Executor Dreadnought, affecting resistances. Read below for the full release notes.


[FLAME STRIKE] Launch into battle to earn the Warbird, Tracker Torpedo I-III, Carbyne Armor I-III, Electron Wings I-II. Flame Strike begins Thursday, October 14th @ 3PM PST.

[MOBILIZATION] Upgrade your Warbird to Mk4 using materials found in Mobilization, then earn the Electron Wing III.

[DECIMATION] Fully upgrade your Warbird using materials found in Decimation, but don’t forget to pick up materials to craft the Pyro Sentry III for the latest in base defense.

[ALLIANCE WAR] Join your Alliance in Alliance War, which is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, October 27th @ 3PM PST. Gain Intel, Solar Shards, and Marauder Tech from a collapsing sector, but most of all, have fun with your Alliance.

[WARBIRD] The Spectre Warbird is the quintessential battleship, featuring area of denial capabilities including dual firing arcs (one on side of the hull) and allows for ample weapon loadout flexibility thanks to its 8 weapon slots. Independently of its Prime Shift state, upon losing its shields it fires a single projectile which splinters into three projectiles, which in turn, splinters into five additional projectiles.

[TRACKER TORPEDO] Using explosive damage along with AoE, the Tracker Torpedo brings the best of battleships into a single weapon - as the name suggests, it uses guided shots to help ensure it reaches its target accurately. 

[CARBYNE ARMOR] Using a more effective health to mass ratio than previous armors, Carbyne Armors are the latest in Tier 10 defenses, providing not only a boost to Prime Shift charging, but also grants 50% resistance against Energy, Explosive, and Kinetic Damage at level 3.

[SENTRIES] The Shelling Sentry, Electro Sentry, and Pyro Sentry are included in this release and are planned to be introduced throughout the coming months. First is the Pyro Sentry, then keep an eye out for the Electro Sentry and Shelling Sentry in the coming months.

[HANGAR WINGS] Electron Wings, Scorch Wings, and Dart Wings will become available over the next few months in a similar pattern to Base Sentries: Electron Wings become available first through the Flame Strike event and Mobilization, then look out for the Scorch Wings and Dart Wings in the future.

[EXECUTOR DREADNOUGHT] Due to the Executor having 100% damage resistance under certain circumstances against new event targets, the Liberatus Resistance it features at Mk3 to Mk6 will be capped at 30% (currently 50%).

On Tuesday, September 21st, we completed a hotfix which capped Liberatus Resistance at 50% due to the Executor not taking any hull damage whatsoever using certain equipment loadouts. It was later discovered the most recent high level targets can be destroyed for free repairs, which was unintended. After further testing, it was deemed necessary to further reduce the amount of Liberatus Resistance to 30%. This change will be active directly after the server update.

  • Fixed an issue where Architect’s Prime Shift Boosts applied to Architect instead of its Spawned Ships.

  • Fixed an issue where Borophene Plate 1 and 2 may not display resistances in stat blocks.

  • Fixed an issue where Spectre Dissipators may not appear as available to equip on Mobile.

  • Fixed an issue where Fulgor Beam item XP was set to Tier 9 values.

  • Fixed various minor localization issues.

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