Lionfish fleet issue

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Just tried attacking with my new Lionfish fleet.
Attacked level 40 convoy and found the Lionfish fleet useless! Thought it was supose to be good.
Lost to a lowly convoy 40 level fleet!
You can see from below screenshot that with only 39 seconds left, NO damage at all to the level 40 fleet!

  • Grapeshot
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    Were you moving.......because if you were , you were underwater.   Move... stop.. away
  • magnus.isgren.1
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    Actually its your own fault that you dont do any damage. You put torps on your fishes and if you read closley its a -300% damage from torps wich will end up to be 0 damage. You should have put on bone spike missiles instead. They came at the same time as the ship did....
  • beon69
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    lol good spot there Magnus.refit time
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