cannot view ALL campaigns

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worth noting that my last post on these forums was 6 years ago and i have almost never touched this game in that time.

i come back today and find i cannot view ALL "all" campaigns.

as shown above, all i have access to are

Universal conquest
Terror in the deep
Foreboding seas
Introduction to siege
Beginners' treasure trove
Introduction to tier 9 assault
Introduction to tier 9 skirmish

i checked ALL of the dropdown sorting options and only these are displayed. my account is painfully obviously low lvl and ancient given how long my last forum post before this one was.

is my account bugged or broken in some way? cause...tbph i wouldn't mind if it needed a reset or something to fix it. fine by me. i honestly have NO IDEA what ANY of this new tier 9 stuff is and would very much prefer to work my way up to it instead of skipping straight into it with these campaigns that are clearly FAR too high lvl for me currently.
  • KrisK
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    No bug; some of the old campaigns were removed. In other words, yes, you actually can view all campaigns.
  • Quicksilver99
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    >:/ ok...guess i just can't solo any campaigns for quite some time then.
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