PvP Improvements - August 5th Release & The Future

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Based on community feedback, many PvP-related changes are arriving in this update with more to come! Initially, our objective was to balance Fleet vs Base (FvB) combat in Tier 7 and above to give bases a fighting chance against fleets of similar levels. 

To achieve this, we adjusted base XP values and XP scaling to return parity to base and fleet power; however, based on the feedback we received during the first semi-public playtest in VEGA Conflict’s history, it became evident that this was only the beginning of FvB combat revamping. 

We are now investigating other FvB combat changes, many of which are community suggestions, to further improve FvB combat. 


Base levels are calculated using the XP values assigned to each module and piece of equipment, then the total base XP is matched up to a specific base level. As Base levels increase, the amount of XP needed to reach each level increases even more, which is the “scale” of XP needed to reach each level. Through this process, the final base level is seen in-game.

These changes will help to ensure a fleet at a certain level can compete against bases at that same level - in its current state, bases are underpowered compared to fleets of the same level. After the change, a max level base including upcoming Borophene Plates bring the base level to about level 130. XP values have been increased for Spawner modules, sentries, and Tier 10 Turrets, bringing them more in line with the power level of the T9/T10.

Additionally, bases currently at level 70-90 will also see a bit of a boost. An adjustment was made for bases around level 70 so that building a spawner module does not increase the base level drastically until a sentry is actually equipped. Due to the strength of sentries, adding a single one will increase a base level significantly. Equipping the first sentry will be the biggest jump in base level, however the rate of XP scaling slows down at base level 90 and above.



The Overdrives for the Arc, Plexus Carrier, and Nerve Carrier will no longer be triggered by Modules. In addition, these overdrives will have a -100% Damage modifier to Modules. In a future update, we will consider disabling spawned ships from triggering the Overdrives as well.


These changes may or may not be added, however for additional transparency, all currently considered changes are listed below. 

  • Counter-chain, counter-ricochet, & counter-pierce to be evaluated for modules in the form of Spectre Boosted Dissipators. (The Epiyon, Infinite Void, Ame101)

  • Lower permanent pierce stat for modules (Kami)

  • New T10 Turret Stats to be re-evaluated (No̸x̀͢͝i͜k̸҉҉̨)

    • This may result in some current weapons to be rebalanced

  • Increase Bridge, Fleet Bay, Ship Factory, & Hangar mass; Fleet Bay Fleet Mass (No̸x̀͢͝i͜k̸҉҉̨)

  • Increase damage from mines (No̸x̀͢͝i͜k̸҉҉̨)

  • New weapon or Module Overdrive to combat swarms (KosmicTrails)

  • Invisible Mines (Multiple suggesters)

  • Investigate Commandante’s Prime Shift Active not damaging modules (CamsCrop)

  • Investigate Frubbling (Morlok)

  • Fleet vs Base Gating Rules

  • Fleet vs Fleet PvP Tier Lock

  • AI Prioritization no longer prioritizing Spawned Ships

  • Additional changes brought up through playtests and community channels

We hope you enjoy these PvP improvements in addition to ones for the future! Let us know your thoughts in the official VEGA Conflict Discord server at https://discord.gg/GJqEgUD

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