A lot needs to be done

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i have made many suggestions over the years about this game but feels like it falls of def ears 

i under stand that next lvl building got put off due to HTML but none the less units and continued to come out every month and now with new legendary units game is truly falling apart and truly it started with L Raptor and its speed then came in screamer to try to balance it but in reality air units became useless in pvp all together. Darkstorm was pretty much unfair unit to start with but to over come it yall brought in controllers increasing damage and range to a point that balance in game as been totaly screwed for a long time now..you have lost coiners due to this because there is now equity in the units new regular units every month then legendary units that are always OP has to be one or the other not both. i feel ripped off ..and so do many others ..

balance has to brought back to game 

According to the post i have seen your getting ready to release new CC ..so i hope this gets to devs so they can at least consider the ideas once again  i have posted this many times in the past.

we have lost fire power on base due to the support turrets  which  yes was good idea but just wrong place for that type of tech better place for it was on the platforms themselves make slots 4 total on each side of the platform and add this tech to the sides of the platforms not as a replacement for turrets ..then when units start get to a certain point with health you can simply  upgrade the tech for platforms ..and bring that balance back to base 

no more legendary units get rid of them all together ..they make upgrading the regular units senseless ..

radio tower can also have tech for it instead of increasing range of the units to over come DS make tech that just limits or makes ds worth less increasing range of units in base that was limited to start with im sorry but was bad idea players dont want to spend months upgrading units just to see them die in one shot soon as they are dropped in base ..

screamer is an issue as air units are part of the game but it is so OP that any air unit you have come out with is useless in PVP all together and are nothing more then clean up units... they used to be tactical units and was fun to pick apart bases but that has been gone now for long time due to screamer. That also could be done through radio tower with a tech item added to it to at least limit  its over all effect on air units. But todo that you need to deal bases and heavy turrets and keep them up to date so that they can defend against air units pretty much all heavy turrets and like shooting a bb gun at a freight train lol ..

i understand that the game was made to make money but understand we dont want to waste our hard earned dollars on worthless chit/

these ideas will help make money but they also will help balance the game that has become very out of balance 

then cheating is the top issue for all of us you have proven that you can do something about it with the purge.by not doing anything now and knowing that you can is losing you the pvp money 

repair time on pvp toons and regular toons  have become an issue as well the increase in health to units has basically taken away any bonus that upgrading the airfields tech center so on was supposed to give. 

several things need to be brought back that have been gone for some time now one 3-5 lvl rule so new and lower level players have a chance might consider widening that out a bit  

two the building respawn limits once a building is destroyed it does not respawn till it has  more then 5%  health this is what made the game a team game to start with it was not up to just one player to destroy a base if that base was fully upgraded and units maxed..

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