Cap on event 10/10 if we buy all 10 we should get all 10. even if we have them from start

Strike-force Captain
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same as the event having 10/10 upgrade tokens not let us take something that we don't get all of them I had 3 days
 upgrade for my cloudbreaker and 3 days for everest before I started pillage been waiting to get more so I could up grade the full hull with just a short time left took all 10/10 just to find out later I didn't get them all. There is so much in token inventory I don't know what I have and don't have. If a event has 10/10 it should not make a Fuc what we have if we buy all 10/10 we should get 10/10 and have what we started with Kixeye tell us we can just have so many if this is the case look at picture how did i get 13/10 photon EMC Build tokens and 16/10. I used 8 of the upgrades for everest and 4  upgrades for couldbreakers
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