Beach party prizes are a joke

Strike-force Captain
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edited 3 Jul 2021, 1:17PM
I not done much of the Beach party because I don't need no stupid pineapple skin, I've hit skins and res and some build tokens that I can't use and didn't get because I have my limit of 10/10. I don't see any reason to do beach party! kixeye should put in structure build tokens, Ship build tokens and upgrade token for use on any hull I would like to finish my Mainz Gladius & Vengerful Ronin to X-1 someday before they get sent to storage and later get scraped. Spending money in this game to build new hulls and later kixeye make the obsolete is nuts I can't see buying something that just works for a short time. It's like running out and buying all the toilet paper that you can at first then finding out later there was no reason to buy it. and you can't take it back   
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