An ordered list of possible enhances for the game (already have 19 entries)

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1. like watching an on going attack(from Vega Conflict)
you can even make it like the player need a "Satellite" to pry on ongoing battles or w/e.
2. the ability for 2 or more players to attack a pve base at the same time
and work together
3. better base finding, by base type that exist in the sector
4. making legacy units useful again in some way
5. increasing the maximum medal capacity for a case of medal overflow
6. The expected time arrival of a platoon to a destination will include any terrain delays as well to the estimated time(Come on, they gain no exp from previous delays? :smiley: ).
7. Alliance members will be able to help fellow alliance members to reduce the time of the such of repairs, building and researches.
8. when inside your base, in the platoon view section, in addition to the status of the platoon, if the platoon is on the world map and in motion, show the estimated time of arrival as well.
9. A way to see who is online in the sector(Preferable via a list).
10. every sector will have a saved chat similar to telegram's chat that saves from point of start(for memory and performance, it could be segmented to most recent to reduce lag).
11. attack ui enhancement: to alloy deployed units to focus on specific criteria such as units, buildings, defences, resources and etc.
12. To have a building that produce little coin once a day and can be upgraded to hold more coins after a specified amount of coins had been spent.
13. List someone manually under recent enemies tab, It doesn't work automatically.
14. to control a platoon from the widget of the ui when in the sector map(basic functions like: recall, stop, see inside platoon and etc)
15. better mini quests on the right side UI, with consideration if the quest is even able to be completed.
16. Alliance inner chat, seperated from sector chat.
17. Chat timestamps and retainable chat(why does it have to reset every time you refresh?!)
18. If a platoon is in attacking range of a base, the base owner could peek into the platoon near it without needing to deploy a platoon of his own.
19. when a platoon is on it's way in the world map, it's path will be highlighted for it's player owner.
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    +1 to this because what's the point in an Alliance if everyone is just Playing on their own.

    Also, Legacy Units Update, sourly needed.
    I've got Rhino Tanks, with 300 DPS.
    300 DPS does nothing when the NPC Bases are loaded to the nines with Units that have anything up to and above 200,000,000 HP each.
    The so called 'Normal' Units have over 70,000,000 HP and can do 6,000,000 Damage Per Second easily.

    Also, increasing Medal Capacity, how about just removing the Limit all together.
    Especially when a single item can cost almost 1,000,000 anyway.
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    and giving the ability to gift from gear store to someone else
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    When repairing,
    if a repair is complete while the player is offline,
    the next platoon that is in need of repair will start automatically,
    so the next time the player logins(if the total repair time needed has passed)
    his/hers platoons will be repaired.
    and if not all the required time to fix all of the broken platoons has passed, the priority will be based on the use of platoons, if the player used platoon 1 more than platoon 2,
    then platoon 1 will be prioritized over platoon 2.
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    Also make the depot useful again by resource and strategic. And special bonus with toon fight.

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    It would be more logical to allow Players of the same Alliance to 'Gift' Gear Store and Event Store items to their other Team Members.
    Otherwise, the whole point of Alliances is actually just mostly pointless.

    What can Alliances actually do anyway.
    It must be said that there should be some sort of actual 'Alliance' Activities.
    There is the 'Raid' but that is exclusively it, nothing else.
    Even that isn't so much working together as just working one at a time.
    The way that the 'Raid' is set up, it's more beneficial if a single Player does it on his/her own.

    On the note of Repair Logic, they will never do it.
    Even though it would make a lot more sense if they did, they never will.
    They have the ability to do this very thing in several different ways, they only choose not to.
    Obviously, this gets annoying when you have multiple full Platoons all needing repair.
    This then means that it only makes sense to just have one Platoon and fill that, thus negating the whole point of Platoons all together.
    What's the point in having multiple Platoons if you can only use one at a time anyway?
    Generally, the bases need one type of unit, and this is basically whatever the latest unit is at the time.

    All of this is what I've come to learn from various conversations I've seen on the game, and from what my Brother says.
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