Axis - Xeno Ship/Fleet Line

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Good afternoon,

This topic will be about asking question to "Axis/Xeno" ships fleet line, 2nd T6 tier line for 
the "Missions Hub". I am a returning player and have been playing for a while however; am
looking to finish my "Missions" story lore. The purpose of this post is to search for answers to
where or how to retain ships if not listed anywhere on the "factions" list. I have also found some
post relating to the topic however; said RIP AXIS so am unsure to how to complete the mission
lores without the line being able to create or build. Also if the AXIS ship line is removed why is
the "Mission Hub" not revamped? Would it be possible for the "Mission Hub" to be re-vamped for
new players and returning players to current ship/fleet lines? Any suggestions, ideas or reason to
where or how to complete mission would be welcomed.

Mission Hub

"Launch a Guardian Cruiser" 
"Upgrade a Punisher to MKIII"

Unable to complete "Mission Hub" mission ship fleet line for storylore!
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    Mondays and Wednesday is alien events it will get you what you need. 
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