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it maybe a easy answer but as im only just coming back into the game i may have missed something when the upgrades came out.... iv upgraded my Everest hull to level 1 as shown 1x hull but the rest of the hulls in that fleet haven't upgraded... do i have to upgrade each hull or should they all be upgraded ...(the 2nd hull in the fleet is the upgraded 1)

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    i cant enter game still under maintanence?
  • Dark_Knight_jr
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    Each ship needs to be upgraded individually....multiple times.   Each upgrade level takes longer to complete (i.e...U1 to U2 takes longer than from U0 to U1) 
    X1 is the highest upgrade level.
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    i spent over 300 to 500 bucks in coin durning pilage n i cant send a f ticket in this is total bull **** i coin on fb more then anything i want to send a regural ticket
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