Sixth Shift (M6 Torus Dreadnought Target)

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The M6 Torus Dreadnought targets are now live! They're distinguished by their L190 tag, whereas the previous levels will continue to drop their respective fragments and will move to the Liberatus DS sector, while these new L190 targets will spawn in both Residential and Liberatus DS sectors. This will be the final grind target for the Torus Dreadnought. 

This upgrade will allow access to another Weapon slot, finalizing the full's design. This final upgrade brings a lot to the hull, including the sector speed increased to 780 AU/h, doubling existing Cargo capacity, boosting the DPS of the Dreadnought to 200%, Shield capacity is now boosted by 400%, Weapon speed is now boosted by 40% and Resurgence is at 70%. The M6 Torus credit consumes 800,867,928 Ore and takes up 5D of your time.

  • The L190 Liberatus Dynasty will drop 6-10 M6 patterns. It contains four M4 Kopises, three M4 Broadsiders, twenty-two M4 Bucklers, eighteen M4 Plumbatas and a M6 Preceptor, split into six sections. Each section triggers when you approach them, which can give you enough time to deal with each of them. Additional ships have been added to some ship sections, along with a boost in DPS and health. I suggest using the Arc BS to kite the enemies and use its PS Active weapon to further whittle away the fleet. Or, you can use the Caustic to spread the Debilitate debuff and wreak havoc with its PS Active weapon. Your M5 Torus can also do the job, if flown well.

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