Fleets on sale

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Can somebody please tell me what Kixeye is thinking? I'm struggling with fleets after jumping back into the game and don't have ronins yet. They just offered them for a decent sale price just in time for the raid. Great! They're even kicking in an instant upgrade to a level 15 dock. Sounds good right? The weight limit on my lvl 15 dock is 200K tons. A full fleet of ronins is 317K tons. So I can float 3 ronins. I wonder how I'm going to do in the targets with 60% of a fleet. I can't even fit a full fleet of Mutineers for the low level targets. I guess I'll just save my money and build ronins from the campaign for next raid or fm. Did they think we were stupid and wouldn't notice that the instant dock and shipyard upgrade isn't worth a hoot for either fleet they're offering?
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