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in base planner mode how do i rotate a portal.  in play mode u can rotate a portal if ur base is set up to support a portal by having a proper spaced land units.  in base planner mode if ur portals are not in place u cannot apply ur new base layout for play mode.   please how do i rotate portals in base planner mode.  there is a rotate icon but it rotates turrets that house the h-t transformer
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    You can't, you have to set them in place while in PLAY MODE;  THEN, you can enter base planner and re-do your base.  It's one of those things that Glitch-eye has "conveniently" forgotten about while the players suffer.  Just another reason this game has gone from 500 sectors that were all full of players, down to what, 99 sectors~??!!!!!??

    I'd suggest you use base planner to move all of the other stuff out of the road, manually change the gates and place them "where ever" you need them to be aligned when your are finished and then back to the base planner to finish re-doing your base.  What can I say..............
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