Biggest VEGA Problems And My Suggestions To Fix

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"So one more in his eye, and now... I can breathe" 

This post will sum up all the problems I (and those brought up by others) have and my suggestions for fixing them. Lets get started. 

Pvp gating, now listen. The +/-5 level gating is what we always wanted for the longest time, but with the raw power difference in a mk1 ship and an elite ship is so much that the gating should be changed. A new gating mechanic will mean that perhaps we do not have to farm fully kitted elite fleets to compete, as with my suggestion, elites wont be able to hit your poor mk1s. Basically, the idea is to have gating be based on tier and mk. Only fleets of the same tier, and around the same mk can hit eachother. Here are some examples.
A mk1 t8 ship can only hit or be hit by a fleet of at least 1 mk1 to mk2 t8 ships. 
A mk4 t9 fleet can only hit or be hit by a fleet of at least 1 t9 mk3 to mk4 ships. 
A t9 elite fleet can only hit or be hit by another fleet of at least 1 t9 mk5 to elite ships. 
A t7 mk3 fleet can only hit or be hit by another fleet of at least 1 t7 mk3 to mk4 ships. 
Like I said, I feel this will solve the ideology of requiring a full elite fleet in order to pvp. You can now stop at whatever you feel comfortable grinding, and still able to have fun because you are put up against ships of similar strength. 

"Unkillable" low level bases. Now, I dont think low level bases with modern tech are unkillable, as i have killed them before. But I think the problem is still there that bases of higher level should be harder, not lower level. My suggestion to this problem is to add module requirements to base tech. Here are some examples. 
Caliber driver turret will require 22 level 13 or higher combat modules and level 10 bridge in order to be used. 
Blaze sentry will require 22 level 13 or higher combat modules and level 10 bridge in order to be used. 
Atomic driver turret will require 20 level 11 or higher combat modules and level 9 bridge in order to be used. 
I think adding requirements such as these will fix the problem of level 78 bases with spawns and calibers, without increasing the xp of them. 

Escorts need addressing. It makes no sense that a 125 can hide on a jump ship of level 70, because they have an escort of level 75. This makes troll tactics viable where people can just hide their fleet on the said jumpship, with an instant repair escort due to resurgence, and then pick off smaller farmer fleets and the big war fleets cannot do anything. What needs to happen is to make it where if an escort is not within gating of the flagship, then you can bypass the escort mechanic and attack it directly. The problem is that we have to attack the jump ship, which is level 70, so our 125s cannot hit them. So we have to hit it with at most a 75, which then the jumpship is protected by say a nerve class carrier which has instant repair if it wins. By allowing us to directly hit fleets outside the gating of the flagship, we no longer face the problem of invincible troll groups. 

Blitz screen needs changing. Im sure everyone else has already vented at the devs about this, but I will explain. The blitz screen is an anti auto farm mechanic. A way us farmers get things done is to build multiple fleets, which can destroy targets with ai mode on, for relatively manageable damage. Well, when you have multiple fleets engaging targets you are going to be met with this blitz screen every minute or so, in which you have to stop what you are doing and click the X at the top. Sometimes theres a bug in which the blitz screen comes up while youre in combat and it crashes your game. The problem of accidental coining was fixed with the slight delay in which you can click the coin button, but that was only one side of the problem. The other main problem is that it is intrusive and disrupts your gameplay. To fix this, simply make the blitz screen a banner on the top left of the screen like every other banner, just like the action report when your fleet is done battling. You can click away from these like normal banners, or if you want to blitz you simply click on the banner and it opens the normal blitz screen today. This is a far less intrusive mechanic and I feel people will appreciate it. 

Ship spam is a major problem in this game for me. Basically, I grind out this new ship for a month and I get one week where I can pvp with it before the next ship comes out which probably makes the current ship useless, and I now have to grind that one. While in this topic, I will point out another problem and that is the lack of diversity. Since t6, we basically have one usable weapon in the entire season. In t6 it was eclipse, in t7 there was a little more diversity but it was still only a few weapons. In t8 it was horde cannon, in t9 it is caliber. A way of fixing this is to delay the ship release schedule. Release a ship, and then for the next two months release more content for that ship. Such as specials, new weapons, things like that. This will let us choose between what weapons and equipment we can use, and not just one viable option. You see back in t5, there were so many viable options which i feel is one of the main reasons t5 and below was so great. And the reason we had so many options is because t5 tech didnt obsolete t4 or even t3 tech. I mean hell, you could do good in a battle using gladius driver hellfires. You could do good using echo ray hellfires. Wave driver, aurora ray, gemini driver, vector torpedo, arc missile, storm driver, all were viable options to be used on cruisers or battleships. But with all this effective range bullsht, each ship really has one viable option and thats the option with either the most range or the most dps. Theres no reason to use rife missile on a deadeye despite kixeye giving it spread reduction, because the only viable weapons on rangers are 8km range weapons. Theres no reason to use caliber on a breaker because it literally does not work with this effective range mechanic. Basically, release more content for each ship that comes out. 

Grinding. ... You should know what I am going to say here. The grinding is horrid, point blank. We have to grind hours to days to get ourselves a fully fitted fleet, only for it to be useless the very next month. The reason t9 failed in my opinion is they tried to make farming fun. Farming is never fun, in a game about fleet battles. We play space ship games because it is cool to make a unbeatable fleet and strategy and watch them decimate the enemy. Well, you make that master plan, but you have to execute it hundreds of times. Hundreds of battles where the exact same thing happens. To put it simply, it is never fun. I remember a few months ago kix was talking about making targets specifically meant for the torus to battle. High risk high gain targets? Thats my suggestion. Make multiple fleets for the same prizes, but they get more and more difficult, and drop more and more rewards. I think, the lowest level one should be of regular difficulty. But you have a middle ground, which is harder, not too hard, and pays more. Then you have the biggest fleet, which is capable of killing your fleet, but you gain so many rewards that you have to hit very few amount of these. Looking in the past, the first decimations, the harvester would kill you if you didnt know what you were doing. But if you won, you got an entire swarm ri. This means you had to hit at least SIX harvesters to fully fit your dominion carrier. SIX fleets, compared to the hundreds we have to do today.

One more problem with the game is all the useless base modules. We have tech lab, ship lab, arms lab, all of which do absolutely nothing since we cannot get any modern tech from them. I think they should be repurposed, and take strain off of the workshop module. Arms lab should be able to make weapon credits, of all weapons in the game, creating them will take the same amount of time they take to fit. Tech lab should produce credits of specials, of all kinds. Ship lab should be able to build ships of all kinds, at a slower rate, say 20% slower. I think this is a good change seeing that we can use more than literally 4 modules to do things in our base. 

Thats it for now, let me know what you think. 
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    Theres a lot of well thought out things here mate, good job.  With regard to low level bases with T9 tech, yes I have seen attacks that succeded also.  My only concern would be how kixeye would compensate players with any changes, after all one presumes players have spent time reachng the situation they are at, perhaps using coin.  It is a sad fact that the real problem is the problem is created by the game developers themselves who clearly do not think changes and new tech through.
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    fatcoiner said:
    "Unkillable" low level bases ...

    ... With regard to low level bases with T9 tech ...

    I have no sympathy for people complaining that low-level bases are now hard considering any random person could curb-stomp almost any base for years. And only in the last 3 months has this finally been corrected. You want to base someone? Base another high-level. And before someone mentions medal banks, I'll remind you that (almost) nobody cares about medals or rank anymore.

    Otherwise, I agree with most everything else that's been said.
    I return from exile!
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    look forward to CM Jackson can look

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    the issue with t9 tech on low bases isn't the tech itself.  it's the imbalance in XP.  the problem has always been that shields and armor have significantly higher xp values than weapons.  those low level bases are low level using high level weapon tech because they are using low level armor and shields.

    it started with the talonite and tungsten plates and omni shield, and continues even now with the shell fields and resonant plates.

    they need to up the t9 base weapon xp to balance things out.
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