abilities on bases

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ok so for a long while bases are trash rubbish useless now there ok or so we thought, we have level 72 bases pretty much untouchable because they use senrty drones meaning any fleet there level will die

sentries for bases should be high xp for a start

now as high bases go they get rimmed by arcs and what 2 shots the levle 10 bridge is dead, ARE YOU SERIOUS KIXEYE
you are meant ot fix bases yet you just fried my base whilst a arc battleship sits edge of the base using a special ability nothing can defend against, like i can use expletives foul language to show how horrified i am at this style of game play


this will make basing much more fair game for everyone it so terrible how you made basing EASIEST thing ever for the arc players and then impossible for the new guys at level 70. just what the hell are you doing DISABLE ABILITIES  when ships base otherwise lots of people probably will quit and i been here 7 years but if bases cant defend against one ship like the arc using a bouncing beam im even going to leave the game
  • Ruby987
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    Why are you at all surprised and upset? It's just anouther example of poor testing and programing on there part they have been doing it for so long now you should be use to it as for an arc hitting your base of course everyone's going to do it now if its the only way to kill a base if they had any thought process at all they would of kept sniping a factor in bases atleast it used skill and you actully had to control your ships strategically then again what developer at kixeye even knows the meaning of the word strategic. Little fun fact from history to they nerfed echo ray when its chain damage did somthing similar back in the day so expect that in the next update whitch will be end of January untill then merry Christmas **** and enjoy your base trashed for the happy new year :)

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    Two things have to happen: 1. Raise XP on new base weapons. Any base under level 95 is impossible to hit now. 
    2. Disable Arc chaining bases. Way Way too OP.
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