pvp over used in events

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each time i do an event, other players just take my fleets out, so i can't work on the events.

it'd be nice to be able to work in events and around secters and my planit without others using pvp to keep me from working on other things.

this 'pvp off-on' is fleet on fleet only, bases can still be hit. it can be used freely by all players, and players using it can still attack NPC fleets.

i'm mostly sick of other player's way more powerful fleets keeping me out of events over and over again, it is making me feel very targeted, something that is killing the fun of the game for me. i'd like to work in events, secters and my planit without the endless worrying about another player targeting me yet again.

for the factshion wars, if pvp is off, it'll be locked to on if your in a group as the war is going, and will turn back off once the war event is over.

this is a way that weaker players can work to get stronger without other much stronger players endlessly being a big pain in the ****, each time they try to do something. i for one, am sick of this always being the way trying to do anything ends.
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