Everest Upgrades Underwhelming

Paul Larkin
Paul Larkin
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Flag and Anti-Missile ship now @ U2,  a 2nd regular ship @ U2, back 2 ships @ U0
Take roughly same damage in a 172 and 180 1Hr 26mins to 1Hr 36 mins.
I'm finding the results when measured in lowered repair time are non-existent
- not enough repair time saved for upgrades that took 16Hrs + 2Days 1Hr 25mins across 3 ships + a few extra hours for the flag - 

Is the extra survivability @ U2 even working?

Also, what are the enemy turrets made from?
According to shipyard i'm doing over 3mil dmg with my back 3, over 2mil dmg with my anti-missile and just under 1mil dmg with my flag

My fleet is dealing over 13 million in Damage and it takes how many hits? to drop some of those turrets?

All in All I find the upgrades underwhelming - any way they can be looked at to make sure they're even working?

Interestingly I got the same repair times with only 4 ships yesterday when I had flag @ U2, Anti-Missile @ U2 and back 2 were only U0. The 5th ship added in today was getting its U2 upgrade which turned out to be a waste of time! Ugh!
This means dealing an extra 3million dmg with a 5th ship - even with that ship @ U2, provides Absolutely No Benefit - even though that ship also added in one more Gale4.

Please fix the Everest upgrades.
  • SixOfNine
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    haha Derpy .. exactly
    Tall Ships! – Windleblo
  • kixeyeuser_1375599580027_13280_1382897133
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    Everything about the Everest is underwhelming.

    The flag is one of the worst ever, for actually improving the fleet. I built 5 before the flag came out and I can swap out to 5 normal Everest and get very similar repair times.

    The G2 armour makes little difference. The stats look better, but the only number I'm interested in, is repair times and again, very little difference.

    The new engines - ditto. The repair times have actually increased since fitting these! I suspect the targets have been tweaked to nullify any benefits that might have been gained.

    In my alt's base I have 5 very bog standard everests - with flag, but with no tier 9 stuff apart from the weapon, no new engine, armour, upgrades etc.

    And guess what? They're just as good as the others! In fact slightly better in the 135's Not by a lot, but they shouldn't be a patch on the others that have all the new stuff and an upgrade or two.
  • Captain Pants
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    Considering that targets appear to be end up being tuned to latest upgrade level and pretty darn quick, I am ok with this. Can still do meaningful FM targets without having to scramble like mad to try to fit in the yard time for these updates. 

    All too often I feel like full updates turn an older target into a cakewalk (with much reduced rewards), while the newest target delivers a beatdown until you've completed all the upgrades.

    Something a bit more subtle would be nice, once in a while.
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