base hitting

Michael Hathaway
Michael Hathaway
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can someone tell me how a 133 level player can hit a lvl 86 base i was under the imprission that it was only 5 levels up or down that you could hit 
  • KrisK
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    While I agree it's ridiculous, the restriction goes away once a player hits level 80.  A few years ago, it went away at level 50.
  • jharman
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    only bullies do that

  • Archangel_1
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    jharman said:
    only bullies do that

    Used to think that too, but the reality is alliance points versus repair time (big bases are either very costly in repair time or "unwinable").  So the players are "forced" to either hit lower bases or grind out points at a measly 5 points per cargo ship.  As with most aspects of the game it boils down to TIME spent on a given activity/chore and how much time a player actually be on the game.
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