Defender Fleet Repairs

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Could the Kix Eye developers/programmers please allow us to repair the Base Defence Fleet in the same way we are now able to repair the Conqueror Fleet/  With the retirement of the 120 and 121 FM Targets I now have a ridiculous amount of repair time for 3 Praetorian ane 1 Everest fleet.  About 32 hours of repair for my FM Fleets along with an hour of repair for my Raid fleet and now, after a base attack, 94 minutes repair time for my Base Defence Fleet.
  • Dopey_87
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    Considering that the Base Defense Fleet slot is ONLY for defending our base (Can't launch it!!), there is no reason for it to not be a Conq/PVP repair queue. Better yet, it should auto repair with our base after a hit. It is a 100% unique fleet, and actually part of our base after all, so why not? 

    Not part of the base you say? That fleet cant launch. It cant have moving ships (conq hulls) because the whining whales hate scratched paint. So a 5 ship fleet that cant launch is now just 5 more "turrets" to configure into the design somewhere, but if they work well, they get a nerf to save on hull buffing time once again? Did I miss anything?

    "Carnages and Piranhas move".... Really? So do the ocean's tides, but they only do wtf they want to at best.
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    I totally agree with that Dopey, but figured it was too much to ask for.  From I've seen all the base defence fleets (at least the ones I have on my base) do absolutely no damage.  There is 1 base that I've attacked a couple of time though were the players ONE Piranha sinks my fleet.  It's just outside his first Portal.
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    Agreed the base fleet should use the PVP repair que 
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