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    The Special slots is unavailable in the Ship Planner.

    Beside, Warden Thruster I is available in the game.
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    Interesting. I had the same problem as well after I uploaded, so uploaded a second time and it was back to normal. In those few seconds, you may have received the file that went bad. Usually I don't bring the entire site down, just to upload a few files, so it can happen that someone loads the page, just as I add files and they end up having mixed versions.

    Whenever a problem occurs, try to clear the cache and refresh the page.

    Yes, I should probably make the site inaccessible while I upload, but because of how browsers like to cache everything, people can end up with not be able to use the site for hours, or ever. Browsers cache the ‘Under Construction’ page and will continue to show that, until they decide to check for updates.

    I checked it just now and it seems fine, at least on my end, but do let me know if there's still a problem.

    Will add Warden shortly.

    Edit: OK, Warden added. Still missing XP, fitting time and resources. I used the Union Thruster as a template, but the data may vary as Warden adds less mass. I'll see if I can get the delay timers added later somehow. A timer icon with a number doesn't say much, though, so not sure if I should replace the icon.
  • CamsCrop
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    Fleet XP has already experienced a serious deviation, which is very significant between the hulls of T6-T8
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    Hello, I have just sent DMs to you on Discord recently. Hope you check them, as soon as possible.
  • BurgerMan2
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    The mass modifiers on Architect seem to be not working properly. For instance, a level 1 coadjutant should only weigh 750 tons at elite. But they weigh 2250 tons on the planner. 
  • Chili Industries Ltd
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    New stuff is now available.

    It's a bit late, but as there was no highlight this time around, I had to wait until the items were available in game, before I could get the needed data.

    The data on the new fleet commander A9 may not be quite accurate, except at level 1 and 100, as I had no other information to base it on, so I could only assume it increased linearly between levels.

    And, for some obscure reason, the new weapon is listed as having zero piercing. That's like listing that it doesn't do AoE and isn't an energy weapon. Informative, but not very useful.

    The new Spectre resist isn't in yet and will have to wait until I've figured out how it stacks, so I can get it implemented correctly. It's likely straightforward additive, but I want to be sure first, before I start messing with the resist code.
  • Chili Industries Ltd
    Chili Industries Ltd
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    New hull data window.

    The new window, accessible via the hull list when the exclamation mark is lit, still lacks a bit of data and not all hulls list their OD yet, mainly Marauder hulls, but working on getting the rest added.

    Make sure the exclamation mark is lit, unless you want to replace your current selected hull.

    Most mobile devices should now be supported. If your browser has problems showing it correctly or other issues, clearing your cache might help.
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    Medyl was here! Hehehehehe
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