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So were at a point where things are getting dropped on us more and more, without much warning.
In the past there has been a livestream through a social media platform where some questions were taken and answers where given. Given the fact html5 is right around the corner (less than a month to go) im curious to see how many of the player base would be happy to see someone from the kixeye team to come out and answer some questions the community may have. Now im not saying oh my fleet dont work can (example Kixeye_Top boss) answer, i mean in the direction game is going and of course the team could censor questions that go in, i could imagine some of them, but yes discord and forum is a top communication tool but i think it would go a long way for a Q and A session from the team to us players. Feel free to agree or disagree, just interested in thoughts on this.

Kixeye to players Q & A 29 votes

Q & A session would be nice
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Im happy with things as they are
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    Q & A session would be nice
    You know...they actually did a Facebook Live event way back when Portals came out and Major Rampage was the CM. I suggested that...did not suggest a second one. Kix could do a good job with that, if they wanted too

    I'd like at least a forum post Q&A with whomever is "in-charge" of BP...I don't even know who that is. Whomever sets the direction/pace/oversees the people who design the new content/targets/ships/pvp tech. 

    Do I need Kixeye's CEO (or, I guess Stillfront's new COO or whatever) going through a "HTML-5 not work **** u fix ur game I quit" posts? No. Some more connection would be appreciated, I know some other gaming studios have a bigger outreach/player connection. Weekly dev stream where they talk about and playtest things. Heck, I know someone with the skillsets to do that if people are asking. The thing is Kixeye is quite small, especially compared to what I thought it was and maybe what it was a few years ago so I don't know if they have the personnel/desire for that,
    When I am not helping people on forums, and I'm not banned, I run a YouTube channel.  I focus on actually helping players in the game. I respond to every comment on there, so it is the best way to find me. If you want more info click the link below.
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    While i am not happy with the way things are the trick with a Q&A session is getting the right Q's to the right people.

    I believe CM_Ghillie does a good job on the forums relaying feedback/issues/requests to the team and getting answers where she can

    Flip side is you might not like the answers you get.

    Kix and players seem to be polar opposites Kix wants to make as much money as possible and players want to spend as little as possible .....

    Not an easy thing to balance as everyones perspective on whats value for money is different   
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    It does seem they are genuinely interested in what players think. They have made efforts to make the game more playable for those without time and money.  I also think  CM_Ghillie is awesome, especially comparatively to the past mods.  it has to be a very tough job. 
    All of that said, There is one single commonality amongst all of us that have been here a long time. The game was most amazing when there wasn't so much structured content and we actually played Battle pirates against each other without adult supervision.  Chore pirates is boring and we all love the core of the game just not the constant chores. After they put the adults in the room forcing us to do this and do that, we all started complaining. We complained more about the game than the bugs.  Eventually 1.7 million players online became 27,000 players online. 500 sectors and thinking about expansion became 100 and and maybe the need to shrink.  Sure 30% of that loss was a welcomed end to cheaters and hackers but even with all the cheaters and hackers fun was to be had without all the adults in the room.  Now we just chase carrots like smoking cigarettes, its a habit, too much time and money invested or you just have too, but none of us would recommend it. Even still we all will light yours for ya /
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    who  don't know  when doing a poll  on kixeye  you suppose to have a  bacon option????????   BACON  BAYBEEEEEE
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    So firstly, I'm pretty frustrated at the lack of "bacon" option, here.

    Secondly, thank you everyone for the kind words. 

    Thirdly, we did a small version of this via AMA-style thread with BP_Peter regarding HTML5, specifically. (Just a month or two ago.) And I recall thinking that it was pretty cool and went pretty well. 

    I'll consider the options. Definitely don't want it to turn into a free-for-all, but maybe we can get HalfCentaur or BP_Peter to do a little QA-style video. We could have some fun with that. :)
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