Why turn off pvp in Zuben Sector?

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PVP is this game is already at an all time low. Farming seems to be the name of the game more than pvp. You have 3 sectors within the farming sectors to which players can choose to farm in. 2 of them were non pvp. Now you have made all sectors non pvp? So let me guess, players complained they were getting hit in zuben sector?
Well, simple solution...........DO GO INTO ZUBEN SECTOR. But to turn off pvp in all farm sectors now is just....a dumb move. Before you could farm and maybe get bored. Find some red pvp for a bit then go back to farm. Now you have given me no options. I get bored, which i will. I turn off vega now and go play xbox or ps. 
Find pvp in this game has become a task. People that dont want to get hit will always be smart and avoid it. People that went into zuben to farm and got hit. Well they deserved it. 
Thank you for making your game even more boring. 

Please re-consider turning pvp back on in zuben. 

thank you
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