HTML5 603 Gladius Raid Target Unplayable

Paul Larkin
Paul Larkin
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Playing in HTML5 Loading the 603 Raid Target takes so long I get the Page is Unresponsive dialogue prompt.
Then lag and loading time is so bad and long - even though the Countdown Timer shows up - it's completely finished and my ships have already sailed into Heavy Turrets and/or blown up Reaver Fuel silos while in range before I get control to drive.
Lag is So bad in the target, my fps constantly drops to 0 and my ships aren't where they're supposed to be!
They're ahead or behind or disappear and become invisible on the screen - then when they show up again, 
according to the game, I've deselected all but one ship, so then the fleet is all split up -
It's frustrating, Unenjoyable, Undrivable, and Unplayable.
Please fix!
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