need searching engine in world map

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i waste 5h to fiending darkstorm base in the map there were only 1 or 2 base in the map each time i had to refresh and look again for each time
  • devilman89
    Joined May 2015 Posts: 1
    Yeah i agree with your term, it's hard to find some unit's over the map like i was searching for elite shepherd bases and can't find it over whole map  they were like 1 or 2 on the whole map
  • MR.YOS6
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    Yeah! I agree with search engine. Also scrolling in worldmap is a big issue. Its lagging.
  • kixeyeuser_889350
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    Search Option would be nice but if that not in kixeye interestplease make the direction keys move faster so we can search faster across the map to help combat the consistent lag that never gets addressed. Thank you.
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