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I cannot believe that we’re already done with October. It seems like it just started yesterday! Read on to learn what November will bring. 


Rebels, by now I’m sure you’ve heard that Tatiana Demina defected to join Imperatrix Keres. Her loyalty was always to her queen, but we had hoped that she would see reason. She brought her expertise to the fearsome Kopis hulls, but was no match for you expert Spectre pilots!

Analysis from Spectre R&D revealed how Keres has supplemented her endless forces. She appears to be using some sort of quantum replicating technology to multiply her armada.  

It should go without saying, but her actions threaten the very fabric of the galaxy. We’re sending you out to strike down Liberatus, and to salvage any technology to give us insight into how she’s duplicating her hulls. 

Fortunately, the lab guys have just the tool for the job. It’s time to show Keres and her ilk the wrath of the Comandante. 


*Shown at Mk 6

The lynchpin of a successful Spectre fleet, the Comandante aids its fleet in capitalizing on their Prime Shift bonuses and bolsters them as they charge to meet the enemy.

Content spotlight:

  • The Spectre Carrier “Comandante”

  • The Inferno Squadron

The Comandante is available in Monarch starting on November 5th. Stay tuned for a breakdown of its stats and mechanics Friday, October 30th and an Art Showcase on Monday November 9th. 



Minimum version is forced today, October 26th, which means that you will have access to the Bridge 10 and Fleet Bay 18 upgrades. If you haven’t seen them yet, read on here! We know that base combat has been especially contentious given that base tech has lagged behind these new hulls. Between the new spawner slots and additional defensive options, this will give you the flexibility to make more decisions to defeat incoming attackers.

Later this year, we will also be releasing a Spawner Module that requires Bridge level 10 to build, so make sure that you are prepared with top of the line technology!


Speaking of PvP combat, the other consistent frustration has centered on Resurgence and the fact that losing combat doesn’t stop someone if they’re ready to instantly repair and strike again. We’ve listened to the community, and are implementing a change to force a losing fleet to return to its owner’s base. 

This change goes live this afternoon as well when we force minimum version. While we do not anticipate there to be any issues, before making this a permanent fixture of the game we will be conducting a trial period from today to October 28th. This trial period will include a 50% Repair and Refit Discount.

While hitting fleets during this, definitely let us know how it feels and how this addresses the longstanding frustration around PvP combat!


Another Quality of Life increase that the developers are happy to introduce this release comes to you in the event store. 

Once you’ve updated your client, you will see a target list, the points they pay, and the important loot drops you’ll receive from hitting them. While we will continue giving a briefing alongside this, putting the information in game should make it more accessible without having to flip to the forums and disrupt gameplay!


Later this afternoon you will see another smaller change overall, but it was directly suggested by the fantastic community in the VEGA Conflict Discord and I am pleased with how quickly the game team was able to make it a reality. Spawned hulls will now remember their settings between battles instead of needing to be manually set every time. This is a lot of saved clicks and a big time saver in battle!


We know that triggers have still had trouble finding their home in VEGA Conflict. While the devs are working to create novel utility to give them a unique identity, the mass they cost still means that there is a serious tradeoff when outfitting hulls. To alleviate this tradeoff and to make triggers the pure upside they’re intended to be, Triggers will no longer cost mass to equip. This makes them free to equip to hulls as an additional option during a battle. 


A big shout out to DSKK for providing a very tasty Galaxy “Cocktail” that I would highly recommend folks try. It’s a fun combination of flavors, and is fun self-care to make and to share with friends and family. 

This month’s contest is a bit less competitive, and everyone who participates is a winner. I know pet owners love sharing pictures of their animals, and I was to see them. Everyone who shares a picture here will receive 6x Empyreal Burst triggers. We’ve already had some amazing costumes, and I’m excited to see more. 


This has overall been a good month between the release of these Quality of Life improvements, and a stronger reception to the Deadeye. The developers had a chance to listen to a lot of community frustration on the Breaker’s inefficiencies, which directly went into improving the targets for this month. I saw a variety of different fleet compositions hitting them to great success, which is what we like to see. 

Going forward we hope that these PvP changes will also address some longstanding frustration, given that many folks really want the option for a fun and fulfilling PvP fight. We’ll continue to monitor the situation for more opportunities to incorporate your feedback!

Take care, and best of luck out there, rebels. 

CM Jackson

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