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Monday 26

  • 10.44 Update Notes - The 10.44 Update contains support for a very special October Bounty. Plus, keep an eye out for four campaigns, including the NEW Shadow and Flame Hellswarm campaign, the NEW Cyber Strike Photon ECM campaign, and two campaign re-runs: Mutineer on the Bounty and Titan Awakening. Notes go live by end of day. 

Tuesday 27

  • October Bounty Briefing - October Bounty features the new T9 Armageddon Scattergun Heavy Turret, Hellswarm and Gatekeeper upgrades, the Tactical Onslaught Engine and a new skin for the Warhound. Plus, we have other scary surprises in store -- just in time for Halloween! Read more in the briefing by end of day. 

  • The 10.44 Update Begins @ 8:30PM PDT. 

Wednesday 28  

  • Yo Ho Happy Halloween! October Bounty Begins @ 3PM PDT.  

Friday 30  
  • The October CM Diary features a look at what's coming up in November. Diary goes live by end of day. 


  • Please note that moving forward, Battle Pirates will reset to HTML5 as the default client after each update. For now, you will still be able to switch to Flash manually if needed. Thank you again for your feedback and participation.  

  • Have you entered the Pirate Pet Costume Contest? We have some great submissions so far, don’t miss out! 

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