Module Upgrade Spotlight

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Next week you will have access to the new Bridge and Fleet Bay upgrades. But what do they entail? Read on to find out!

Bridge Stats

The Bridge is the center of your base and a fierce obstacle to be destroyed. At level 10, it gains more bulk and tankiness, as well as deals increased collateral damage if your enemy manages to strike it down. 

Bridge Slots

As with a typical module upgrade, the Bridge gains several slot increases. In addition, it also receives its first Spawner slot. Outfit it with sentries and bring spawned hulls to your defense!

Supported Modules

This upgrade focuses more on defensive structures, so you will have more Combat and Hangar Modules available to outfit. In addition to that, later this year you have access to a new Spawner Module as well. That will also require the Bridge Level 10, so get started now!

Build and Upgrade Requirements

In order to upgrade your Bridge, you will need your Ship Factory and Fleet Bay at the proper level. However after unlocking it, you will have access to the Fleet Bay level 18 upgrade. You can read on about that below. 

Fleet Bay Stats

Similar to the Bridge, the Fleet Bay includes increases to Mass and Health, along with a boost to its collateral damage.

Fleet Bay Slots

To accompany these increased stats, you get additional defensive slots to outfit it further. This includes its first Spawner Slot—another way to bring spawned hulls to protect your base!

Build and Upgrade Requirements

The Fleet Bay keeps the same resource and time requirements that upgrade 17 had, though you will first need to complete Bridge level 10 in order to start this upgrade. 

These latest upgrades are the cutting edge of defensive technology. Secure them and protect your base from the Keres and marauding Rebels alike!

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