100% and still need to coin repair?

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Since T9 has come out, I have noticed a strange thing, I can as an example be using my switch fleet, finish a battle, still be at 100% but have like 6+min of repair, so still have to coin it or return to base to fix.

Cmon guys, look at the numbers and figure out why if a fleet still shows as 100% why that is not a free repair

Anyone else notice this?
  • Lantaku
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    Repair time of six T9 common ships is 12 hours. if player's fleet want to free repair, fleet's health only lose around 0.69% ( 5 / ( 12 * 60 ) = 0.0069...), this total health count should be Round down, so it is possible that fleet total health is 100% but can't free repair.
    I'm curious!
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