Downtime Notes (10/21/20)

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October comes to a close and November is upon us. This is a big one with a lot of featured changes, so be sure to read on through:


*Comandante Mk 6

The lynchpin of a successful Spectre fleet, the Comandante aids its fleet in capitalizing on their Prime Shift bonuses and bolsters them as they charge to meet the enemy.

A complete stat list will be available Saturday, October 31st.  

[Monthly Feature] Monarch begins Thursday, November 5th @ 3PM PST! Earn the Comandante and the Inferno Squadron. 

[Mobilization] Earn Comandante Patterns up to Mk 4, as well as Inferno Squadron fragments, starting on November 12th @ 3PM PST

[Decimation] Pick up the Mk 5 and Mk 6 Upgrade Materials for the Comandante. Decimation begins November 19th @ 3PM PST.

[Alliance War] Aid your alliance in the upcoming Alliance War starting on November 23rd @ 3PM PST!

[Retrograde] Destroy faction captains to claim Triggers and earn prizes in Retrograde, beginning November 26th @ 3PM.

[Civil War] Close out the month with a Civil War starting on November 28th @ 3PM.

[New Hull] Claim the Spectre Comandante and bring the fight to Liberatus!

[Tech] Earn the Inferno Squadron and decimate Keres’ swarms. 

[DEFENSE UPGRADE] Bridge 10 and Fleet bay 18 are available Monday, October 26th @ 8pm PDT. Get started on the next tier of base defense, with additional information this Friday, October 23rd

[Tech] Rife Missile Turret added—bring the tech to your base and create large areas of destruction to decimate incoming enemies.  

[Tech] Blaze Sentry added—defend your base with spawned sentries. These tactical reinforcements unleash explosive damage and are especially effective at countering other spawned ships. 

[PvP Combat] Fleets that lose a PvP encounter will return to their owner’s base. This is a direct response to community feedback, and we hope to build on this to improve the PvP experience. 

[Quality of Life] Event stores now have a tab listing targets by their event points and featured loot!

[Quality of Life] Spawned hulls now have their settings remembered between battles. Thank you VC Community for the fantastic suggestion!

[Quality of Life] Triggers no longer cost mass to equip. 

[Equipment] Fixed error where RIs would not be returned if a build was cancelled. 

[Equipment] Fixed error where the following weapons had incorrect refit times:

  • NET Missile

  • Rife Missile

  • Breach Cannon

  • Caliber Driver

[Base Content] Fixed error where when refitting a Ship Factory module, the Ship would appear instead of the module.
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