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In the October edition of the Dev Diary series, InFinitySqrd discusses the state of the game while Kit_T discusses the upcoming October Special Event. Take a look!

October brought us the Deadeye—the Ranger with a serious punch. We hope you’ve been enjoying the fun and interesting challenges we introduced, and are experiencing the full power that the Deadeye has to offer! We have been paying attention to feedback about the design of our targets and the challenges they present to you as the player. The upgrade targets for it are the next evolution of our design philosophy that we have been growing throughout the Season of Spectre. We are continually monitoring feedback about the experiences you have while playing the game, so expect more improvements as the season progresses.

Speaking of targets, we are looking into new ways to make more interesting and varied experiences. We want to provide each hull a set of unique challenges that it must overcome, so the more that we add to our toolset the better we can achieve this goal. One aspect was the Liberatus faction as a whole, where we created completely unique hulls with mechanics that allowed us to create better encounters that suit the different strengths of each Spectre hull. This is how we intend to make our targets deliver explosive gameplay and strategic puzzles to overcome. 

The Torus Dreadnought releases later this month as well, as the only Dreadnought hull that will be available during the Season of Spectre. This hull exemplifies the characteristics of a Dreadnought, and we want to give our players a way to experience the full strength that the Torus has to offer. We will be creating encounters that are designed to allow the Torus to showcase its wide arsenal of deadly abilities. These will be made available after the release of the Torus.

We are still monitoring suggestions from the community and making changes to the game each month to improve the experience for our players. One major change we are making in the next release is completely removing the mass from Triggers so that they can be added to hulls without requiring compromises elsewhere in the fitout of the hull. This will hopefully make Triggers more viable overall and allow for them to be used more readily by you all.

Thank you all for playing and enjoying the game that we all work so hard on. It really is a humbling experience to see our community discussing upcoming ships and sharing strategies during our events. I look forward to sharing more information with everyone about the direction of the game through each of these diaries.


Brace yourselves Rebels,

To usher in this ghastly season, ghost ships will haunt the Residential Sectors during a limited time “Haunted” event. Vanquish ghoulish Penumbra fleets over three blood-curdling escalating phases to conjure the Penumbra Lairs and collect Ghost Shards, the special event currency. Then, stake your claim to Halt Revenant triggers, Redback Skins, Oni themed T7 hulls and lots more spooky prizes from the Haunted store, if you dare! 

Event Starts:   Thursday, October 29, 2020 at 3:00:00 PM PST

Event Ends:   Monday, November 2, 2020 at 3:00:00 PM PST

The Penumbra fleets soon to be lurking the residential sector are an abhorrent amalgamation of Umbra fleets utilizing Pharmakon’s Phasing abilities. Destroying the Lairs in the final Banishment phase will climb you up the leaderboard to be in the running for the epic Forge Skin and stockpiles of Blood Amber.

The escalating phase event format will be resurrected for this event so Rebels will need to band together as a Sector to defeat the waves of increasingly gruesome fleets.

The Haunted event will be the first of the limited time events where Vega Conflict will lean into Seasonal Events. The dev team is working towards bringing extra flavor into these seasonality events, with new challenges and exclusive rewards to keep things fresh and exciting for our fearless community. We have a lot more fun surprises in the works so gather your alliance and prepare your fleets because you’re in for a treat... or a trick 👻

Yours Frightfully,


When approaching a weekly event, the multitude of targets available gives many options on how to approach the event to receive the desired prizes from the event store. Efficiency is the key in making the most of each event to increase your fleets’ power and effectiveness in combat.

When looking to acquire a number of prizes from the event store, making sure to optimize which targets to hit with which fleets is going to be important. Make sure to take note not only the amount of hits your fleet can hit a target, but also make sure to take into consideration what the point payout of those targets are. A good way to measure this would be Event Points per Fleet HP Percentage. When hitting event targets, make sure to keep track of how efficiently your fleet is able to hit a target.  Then take how much percent hp damage the target took, then relate it to how many points the target pays out. Depending on which fleet you have, there may be situations where hitting a higher level target may deal more damage or be more challenging, but reward you with drastically more points than a lower level target, yielding more efficient use of your fleet.

Taking this approach will improve the points you can acquire throughout an event, leading to more prizes from the store and more efficient use of your fleets’ battle times.


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