Retrofits to Specials, Armors, etc - R&D to the Base

Jacob R Kix
Jacob R Kix
Joined Jan 2018 Posts: 2
As a new base, continuing to play, it would be nice if BP would take a look at the time it takes to retrofit the specials, weapons, armors etc.  To fully retrofit what I have, and I don't have alot, it would take over 720 days if you did one retrofit right after another.  That is 2 years.......really.  Take into account you can earn 1 day and 1 hour of retrofit tokens a week, throw in another one day token a week if they offer it in the shop, and those 2 years now turns into almost 7 years just for what I have. Also the R&D of the bases that is 6-7 days a piece that means that is over 180 days for a new player.   Since you are trying to attract new players to replace the older players that have quit due to the cost/hacking, it would be nice to reassess the time it takes to d0 the retrofits and R&Ds. 
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