HTML5 Updates and Resources - September 2020

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Pirates, we're on the home stretch! 

From the initial effort porting 300,000 lines of code from AS3 to HAXE in 2019, we’ve been working hard to make the HTML5 game accessible and to ensure BP has a long and healthy life beyond the end of Flash in December.

We’ve optimized loading times, fixed a range of graphical errors, and most recently increased the frame rate to better than Flash currently achieves for the majority of players. We’ve also released some quality of life changes, such as the ability to recycle walls in bulk and to see Upgrade kits in the ship info popup.

The entire Battle Pirates team continues to play and complete their work in HTML5, to ensure we capture any outliers and experience the same client as players. We know there is still more work to do, and your feedback is an important part of completing this work. 



Please check the current list of Known Issues. If you don’t see your problem there, please file a ticket with CS. It’s our best way to track the severity and impact of emergent issues. Not sure what to include? CLICK HERE and read "Reporting a Bug" in the HTML Info Post. 


The best place to discuss issues in real-time is on the html5-beta-launch Discord channel. 

Many of the Battle Pirates team are active on Discord and we’ll be reaching out to players who report these issues and working with them to identify the cause. We appreciate your assistance in this as getting first-hand information is critical to identify and solve these problems.

The Forum

In addition to the Known Issues and Fixes page as needed to keep you in the loop, we also include HTML5 fixes in the weekly Update Notes. 

Common Problems - How to Avoid

1) Ensure you do not swap tabs away from the game while it loads. Modern browsers will put Javascript running on tabs in the background to sleep to conserve resources. 

2) Go into your browser settings and turn ON Hardware Acceleration if you can.

3) Turn off any adblockers you have, or add an exemption for * Some adblockers will interfere with the game code.

4) Make sure you have the latest version of the browser you are using. We recommend Chrome, Firefox, or the Chromium version of Edge. Though your experience may differ in each.



We don’t plan on removing flash as an option until we can ensure that HTML5 is working satisfactorily for as many players as possible. However as we progress towards December we will be taking increasing actions to encourage players to migrate over to HTML5 and work with us to iron out any remaining issues.

We’re aware a number of players are experiencing:

  • Arbitrary crashes after long sessions

  • Occasional crashes returning to base

  • Periodic and unpredictable SoS errors

  • Stuttering or performance issues in combat

  • Difficulty copying and pasting build codes

  • In some rare cases difficulty loading the game at all in HTML5

These issues are our top priority moving forward. 


These FAQs are taken from the recent AMA with KIXEYE_Peter. For the full list of responses, including a follow-up, please visit the AMA. 
Are you going to implement serious bug fixes and quality of life improvements after HTML-5 is closer to finalized?Definitely. We’re maintaining a list and we even add a few in here and there where we can. You will only see Quality of Life improvements being implemented in HTML5, as ultimately flash will be going away.

If I was looking to make my game run faster, what can I do besides buying a new computer to help that?
Certainly a more powerful computer will result in the best performance. But there’s a number of things that can improve your experience:
1) The simplest - don’t tab away when the game is loading. Most modern browsers put javascript running on other tabs into a background thread with a low update rate to conserve resources. If you tab away from BP it will take a lot longer to load, or could stop entirely.2) The quality of your internet connection. Not just the speed, but the stability. Upload quality is important in Battle Pirates in order to send your ship commands in battle, so satellite connections are not recommended.
3) Don’t run multiple copies of BP (or other complex browser games) simultaneously. The less you have running, the less you have fighting for valuable memory or CPU cycles.
4) Minimise other software you are running. A lot of software is resource intensive.5) Ensure you are playing on Chrome, Edge (Chromium), or Firefox, and ensure you have the latest version installed. Older versions may be compatible but may not be optimised.6) Ensure you have the latest video card drivers and your OS is up to date.7) Do not clear cache unnecessarily (including playing in incognito windows). Doing so will force the game to need to download all of the assets it uses again. Because the game primarily loads on demand you will increase your loading times. We automatically version assets to prevent any caching issues. Clearing cache should be reserved as a last resort to attempt to resolve a login or loading problem.

What is the KIXEYE team doing about reducing the number of bug issues that's been going on with HTML? When we tab out of the game while on HTML, some of us get a black screen. What is KIX doing about that?
Modern browsers put background tabs to sleep to avoid wasting your computer’s resources and running your battery down. I would recommend either:
a) Putting the game into a separate window instead of a separate tab, such that it is not put to sleep.
b) Using one browser for BP and one browser for your other browsing, such that you can alt tab between them easily.


Thank you for playing Battle Pirates, and for your ongoing feedback. The future is bright, and we look forward to sharing it with you. 

CM Ghillie

Battle Pirates Community Manager
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