I have an idea I'd like to throw out there

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ok so this idea is all about the work shop .. this is not a small up grade and im sure would take say 100-200 hours or more .. but i think it would be a really cool addition to the game and allow players to in essence make there own units .. i think there are benefits to both the player and business side of this game ....to consider this expansion ..one of the many thing players complain about is new content to often ,, and then not enough use from ungraded content ..that we already have .. .... and alot of the game is about "type of damage"...so thus making all pervious weapons valuable just based on the type of damage done ..

ok so in work shop you have noticed diamond tech version 1,2,3 .. it that block of information i would like a blank sheet on.. and make new area of work shop ..but then in some cases making version 4,5,6 base on the Generation of unit weapon and type of damage...so the older the unit weapon  the more the upgrades it will take ..so lets take the weapon for the gat trucks give it the 6 version up grade .. but this also includes the faction upgrades so .. each faction is given it own lvl for you to unlock so  6 versions each versions includes its own weapon unlocks based on type of damage.. then allowing us to then take a vehicle type and install our own weapons on basically any of the new units types that are now available .. so weapon size would make a difference you not going to be able to put a mega tank cannon on a buggie lol .. light medium and heavy weapons type should go to the corresponding vehicle types so light weapons of any kind and be put on all light aircraft, vehicles and infantry what ever is considered a heavy weapons platform can get heavy weapons ..so say mega tank cannons on the new Oger`s .or Gatling guns from the gat truck on Penance ? and up with a penance that shoots on the move .. i think that any weapon that was a shoot on the move should remain shot on the move weapon type if you have all the correct faction unlocks so with new units for the to get a frame unlock they have to reach lvl 20 but at lvl 20 you get that unit unlock ..and omega units to remain locked so no content from omegas and i think thus truly giving us the ability to  balance the game for ourselves  i mean the weapons form the techs that have 3 version upgrades mounted on a Hermes ..

now i know what i asking for is well very time consuming also considering how the graphics file are dealt with .. but i do think that there is a pay off for both War commander the business and we the players 

so what do you think ? might this be possible 

P.S i think this PVP only deal 


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    awesome Idea, but actually implementing this idea is a lot harder than you may think. It would also ruin the game balance wise and what's stopping me from putting a Jug shell on a fast firing barrel. With a LOT of tweaks and hard limits it would be cool. But realistically I think it will never happen.
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    Workshop is grossly out of date. One action at a  time is nonsense seeing how many units you need to upgrade tech for and design upgrades, etc. Workshop should have at least capability of 2 upgrades at same time if not more. This game is not balanced and never will be.
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    i agree workshop is well outdated and we ie the players need multi upgrades also 2rd dozer but i can not see eather coming in game becouse of the simple driving force of the game ie kixeye needs to make gold to keep running . 
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    a building storage for keeping track of advanced building material, as it is i don't know how much i have.
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