Free Hulls and upgrades

Strike-force Captain
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edited 11 Sep 2020, 4:59PM
It's great that kixeye gives use hulls in events and upgrade tokens after event  But some times we don't need them it just fills up our dock and makes it tough to build new hulls. The last Pillage event I did ok after it ended I was sent 1 day gladius build and Mutineer and Merciless upgrade tokens which is great if I didn't have two X-1 fleets of them. why not give us a choice to pick for a list or something 

Thanks kixeye for one 12 hour repair token would of been better to get 12 one hour tokens where we could use all 12
  • John Ebbe51
    John Ebbe51
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    Usually, after raids, the store is open for at least twelve hours to redeem points. I am not seeing it for short fuse. I have over eight million points to redeem. There also was no participation tokens or other  "thank you" freebies. Are this going to be made available at a later date?

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