Game needs to change

Strike-force Captain
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Rogue crews are out of date! hitting a grease monkey is like pulling teeth (this is rigged) I have not hit one in a long time, Retrofit Lab and Tactical lab are out of date. Portal level 4 just holds a tier 1.5 weapon (Why is this?), Interceptor need a dock of there own. Build and repair times are still to long even with all the base updates, Ship upgrades need a dock just for upgrades. Build kits are unknown because we get them but can never see what we have (Put them in token inventory under special  there is nothing in there) Kixeye has dumped ton of useless hulls on us and keeps filling up what dock space (We need more space). December is coming in 4 months and kixeye still don't have HTML5 working like it should. 

If anyone agrees with me please add your thoughts
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