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Our shipyards are working overtime (building new hulls, refitting them, put armor on them). Ain't got no time to do upgrades as well (unless I coin heavy, but I won't). I think that upgrades should be done via Retrofit Lab or maybe via Foundy. 


  • steve.english.35
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    That's my point, but I don't have the $$ to spare to coin things..  I know that it is goal of KE to get as much as possible..  but OY....
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    what about the sawmill kix said we were getting soon but still haven't gotten it. objectives been maxed out for too long too. Said coming soon but been long time and nothing changed
  • DPR
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    I can only agree its what should have happened from the outset as that was the initial purpose of the foundry lab to upgrade hulls,

    At the very least upgrades should have remained hull specific rather than ship specific 
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