ICU Farming Form 58 #battle cow

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battle cow

  • CowsRus
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    ICU Farming Request Form 58



    Clan Affliation:


    Why Should you be allowed to farm in ICU territory?

    What worth will you bring back to ICU for permission to farm?

    Have you seen Zoomers basement?

    Do you have any friends to share with Zoomer when he has been drinking ?

    When can you visit his basement ?

  • Fjord
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    IGN: Fjord
    Sector: 1323
    Clan: Odin
    ID: 22572181
    Why: So I can get better fleets and if anything you guys can get a useful ally and if you guys need any help I’ll gladly offer a helping hand.
    Worth: Friends and Help?
    Basement: haven’t seen it
    Friends: yes if they’re willing to help but other than that Me myself is willing to help.
    Basement 2: I don’t know, what’s in the basement?

  • Hound967
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    Fjord said:

    Basement: haven’t seen it
    Basement 2: I don’t know, what’s in the basement?

    Wouldn't you like to know...........    >:)>:)>:)

  • VEGA Security
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    You know that you don’t need a farming permit, right? ICU is giving you a hard time because they can. If I were you, I’d move sectors. Also wouldn’t recommend the basement...

  • Frankv
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    zooms basement can be fun if u into some kink. i just never liked the furry corner of his basement. his attic is also very nice tho....

    but for real.... dont be fooled. its your game too! move sectors and go have fun elsewhere. because there will always be bigger fish aiming for you. this case its ICU but it can be anyone
  • Wyjax06
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    IGN: N/A
    Sector: 1300
    Clan: Revan
    ID: 22620488
    Why: Safe passage to Event Sectors
    Worth: Potential allies and in the future, new members.
    Don’t know what the last three mean.

  • AndyL92
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    Guys this is just ICU playing on newbies.  Jump to a new sector and/or ignore them
  • RaptureAkaDino
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    you have to take your hat off to ICU they actually get the nooblets to fall for it, is this what ICU now do they play text vega instead of vega conflict, what happened did they lose players or run out of coins, something must of happened if there on her tryin to troll newbies over text lol 
  • Jesse Riding
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    George didn't run out of coins. He's still tooling aound in sector running from bigger fleets haha.

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