Viking Faction and the Nibbelheimr Sectors

Wrath of Ordis
Wrath of Ordis
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Background Story:

Rebels have been scouting the Outer Sectors when they stumble across a vast expanse of coldness.

"No heat signatures detected..." says Sybil, to the Rebel Commander.
"...but I do detect 3 extremely cold planets in the vicinity".
"How cold are they to be exact?" says the Rebel Commander.
Sybil responded "-375 Celcius or -101 Kelvin in this region, with the planets at -156 Celcius or 117 Kelvin"
"Maaaan, that is so cold..." replied the Rebel Commander.
"...but what in the world is that monstrosity?".
Sybil examines the derelict that is approximately 500 units (or 500x the distance of Earth to the Moon) in front.
"Helvete" replied Sybil.
"The what..." responded the Rebel Commander.
"Its a Hell ship. A dreadnaught of immensive firepower and defensive capabilities..." Sybil answered back.
"...even if it's not, the name is clearly written on the side.
Over the radio, in the silence of the room came the phrase "Viltu standa frammi fyrir reiði Víkverja?" (Do you wish to face the Vikings wrath?).
The Rebel Commander responded "No".
*Radio switching to translation mode*
"You don't understand us?" said Loki.
"We do understand you..." replied Sybil, "... I was translating for our commander".
Loki laughed in the background before replying "You can go home, on one condition...."
The Rebel Commander responded "And what is that...?"
"Bring the best you have or not leave at all" said Loki.

The Rebel Commander returned home to report this news to the best Rebel around - You.

What to expect:

A new Dreadnaught - The Helvete.
6+ new ships named after the Norse Gods such as: Týr's Hammer & Hel Carrier.
8 new weapons added.
Several new skins - inc. Vikingr Skin (which adds Viking Rune Symbols to your ships)

About the Helvete:
This Dreadnaught can be refitted in various ways - you can make it a glass cannon or a defendable fortress.
8 weapon slots, 8 drone / zealot slots, 9 shield slots, 10 armor slots, 4 special slots, 1 warp drive slot, 1 paint slot, 2 resistor slots.
Unladen Weight: 200,000T. Max weight: 287,000T.
Unladen health: 300,000 at Mk1. Max health (before armor): 350,000 at MkE. Max Health (with armor): 750,000 at MkE (if all armor slots are filled with best possible armor).
Not every slot will be filled - this is how much customization will come from this hull.

About the Nibbelheimr Sectors:
The Nibbleheimr Sectors are subzero in temperature, with a blue star and three planets in orbit. And yes, you can enter those planets like your homeworld and other planets. These planets are to help players who are a few tiers behind catch up with "mining" fleets to kill providing 25,000 intel each. The sector is where the real intel comes in during events. Even though the sector is cold, there is still life, as you put a stop to Loki and his daughter Hel in this war.
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