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What Is The Usage Of Intel Bases I Know It Gives You Intel But I Don't Know What Or How To Use It Can Anybody Tell Me What It's Useful For 
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    if your in an alliance you can use it to start a raid where you can get supplies for a few clan buffs.

    Takes 5 intel bases to start a raid, then these icons represent bases you can attack, they are all pretty easy because they use hz units,

    then you can activate a war effort when you finish enough of them, also gives you some of the older diamond tech but those are usually not great

    destroyer increases your unit's damage by 25%
    Guardian increases base defense turret's damage by 25%
    pillager gives you 50% more metal and oil when you loot bases,

    basically destroyer is the only one that's really worth grabbing because if your producers are gen 2 you should be full of res anyway and guardian barely affects gameplay unless your really into pvp.
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