Reaver tide

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Now that everyone has acces to decent base def options, maybe it is a good idea to update the reaver tide campaign with some more modern ships that won't get oneshot by everything. Just my thought since now it is more of a waste of time then to actually do it.
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    Reaver tide is a campaign that allows non coiners to win things like 1 hour building repair and ship repair tokens. In what way is this campaign a waste of time. I encourage my crew, especially lower levels to do both daily campaigns. Unfortunately people who wish to have things made harder often get their wishes at the cost to most players. If you dont like it then just dont do it. 
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    Thanks for the feedback. Our focus has been on getting the new campaigns set up to help folks get caught up, and on improvements to HTML5. Reaver Tide is still a stepping stone - there are other events and campaigns for more up-to-date tech. :) 
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