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When are the folks at Kixeye going to allow us to earn Experience Points for building upgrades even when we're not online?  Are we not upgrading the buildings? If we're only allowed the Experience Points if we're online when the upgrades complete, then are we not getting the Experience Points simply for witnessing the completion? This seems arbitrary, but we all know it is not. The point in making us be online to get the Points is to make us want to coin these upgrades so that we can obtain the XP instantly without the need to time our log-ins. This is cheap and petty on Kixeye's behalf. I could max my base and remain a relatively low level if I made sure not to be online or coin the upgrades. I have brought this up before but it has fallen on deaf ears. We, most of us, lead somewhat busy lives and cannot be online at the drop of a dime just to witness a building upgrade completing. Kixeye obviously has no intention of changing this willingly, so the only way for them to hear this is for all of us to say it at the same time, lol. Maybe then they'll hear a whisper.
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    perhaps, hopefully, this might be cleared up when they switch to html.  
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    I know this subject has been a issue for some time now.And it seems it isnt a priority.Actually you're better off staying a lower level,just my opinion.Also i've noticed they have lowered the amount of xp you get for doing a resource VII base.Up until a couple of weeks ago you used to get around 50+ million xp points for 1 base.Now the bases only give around 34 or 35 million points per base.Not sure why they changed this but who knows what they will do next,right?
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