Ares Hero or Zero?

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War Wagon
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So far I gotta' say, I am unimpressed with the Ares' small clip and slow rate of fire. I realize the Ares is not intended as a stand alone unit, but I recently watched a video where a ELITE ARES (Lev 11) was quickly killed by two Hovers.  So I'm curious, is anyone loving this new unit?
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    Deltoid tuberosity
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    Here is my opinion,

    Yes your right. Ares is not a stand alone unit, tanking duty still falls on Adam and sarkis. 
    But he can melt some units like peg and others... I have not got my Ares built, hopefully he may work as a support with adam sarkis ds hovers in pvp. 

    But seems hovers are still better supports.
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