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i surely hope that kix have listened to the players and red the surveys and will amend the event style and it will be improved from the last failed run of 4 events. Feedback was send and received from the very first event in the failed series, so there can not be the excuse of "lack of time" etc. and that good old excuse "to help the lowers" isn't really making the cut either. it seem that over the last months more and more "mistakes" have been made, a lot of usless units have been hyped up (#coolnotcool) and plenty of blunders have been made (latest the pvp extension) and as always the lack of communication by kix and their so called cm's who are afraid to face the players here. lack of information and communication breeds frustration and anger and loss of players...... get it together and man up and sort this mess out. what do you guys think ? 
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