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July is here, the Hell Hounds are gone, but a familiar enemy returns. Operation: Exiled Honor sees the return of the RyuKai, and you’ll be able to unlock the new Corpus unit, the Harpy!


The July event, Operation: Exiled Honor, sees the return of an old enemy, the RyuKai. Something is amiss in the east. A destructive event has unseated the RyuKai, heralding darker forces on the horizon and once again sending them back to the Sector.

With this event, players can earn the new Corpus unit, the Harpy! This new drone is heady to swarm the enemy with energy weapons, Armor Up abilities, and so much more.

Operation: Exiled Honor runs from July 9th at 10am PDT to July 15th at 10am PDT. 


The new Corpus unit, The Harpy, is soaring in. This drone is outfitted with energy weapons, high tech armor, and so much more. 

The Harpy can be earned in Operation: Exiled Honor!


With this event, players can earn the new Mercenary unit, Akiko! Silent and deadly, this single-use unit is armed with a SMG and katana, and will bring a swift death to any that oppose her. Earn all 8 Mercenary Contracts in the Prestige XP store (2 per event) over the course of the RyuKai arc.

Once you earn 8, you’ll be able to unlock the new Akiko unit in the Mercenary Camp.


Keep an eye out for July’s contest! This month, players will have their chance to show off their movie poster making skills by designing their very own War Commander movie poster. Keep an eye out on the forums this week for details.


The first major step in converting the game to HTML 5 is happening this week with the removal of AI Box. Be sure to keep an eye on the forums for all updates, and what this means for the game. For the latest update, check out last month’s episode of Drake’s Dungeon HERE!

Since the team is hard at work on HTML5, some of the other features we’ve been working on have seen some delays. Rest assured, things like the New User Experience, the next wave of building upgrades, and more are still a priority.

In addition to Operation: Exiled Honor and the Akiko Mercenary Contracts, July will have the new Cardinal Defensive Unique unit, Warpath, a new Shadow Ops cycle, Invasion, a new contest, and all our other regular monthly content. Be on the lookout for what’s coming in August. 

As always, thanks for playing War Commander!

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