No Absolver war paint received

Paul Carr60
Paul Carr60
Joined May 2017 Posts: 5
After purchasing absolver war paint in event store it is not showing in workshop anyone having same issue

  • dave.clandestine.7
    Minor Nuisance
    Joined Mar 2014 Posts: 124
    yes first warpaint unlocked i did not receive it but the following warpaint unlocked i received them... this for both Absolver & Twinblade 
  • Hawster
    Potential Threat
    Joined Feb 2013 Posts: 69
    same thing for me, and still charged the 800k xp for absolver i never even received. sent ticket and not 1 response yet. i sent ticket on saturday....
  • jakedee
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    Joined Jan 2013 Posts: 160
    Trying to buy the warpaint for the twins. "Unable to purchase" was the 1st message, then next attempt, "congratulations,the nomad warpaint is yours". No warpaint in workshop.
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