Thank you Kixeye

Deltoid tuberosity
Deltoid tuberosity
Potential Threat
Joined Oct 2019 Posts: 69
I have to thank Kixeye for Holdout IV. The difficulty is well balanced, with decent xp multiplier, I felt happy in participating Holdout IV, it is just so fun to play it! It's a great one I can tell, good job, keep it up.
  • redober
    Potential Threat
    Joined Feb 2019 Posts: 45
    I agree this holdout was good for me
  • Maj.Tom
    Skilled Warrior
    Joined Oct 2019 Posts: 503
    Yes it was a easy holdout event,only thing is i had to force myself to keep going after the 4th or 5th time through.So boring. 
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