Second Flag for the Praetorian

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As we are allowed have two flags for many of our fleets now (Riots, Pegs, Pun Mk2 etc.) surely it is time to allow us to have two Imp Praets!  Please send up this request CM_Ghillie!
  • Vince Hathway
    Vince Hathway
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    I fully agree with you.
  • Paul Larkin
    Paul Larkin
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    Is a 2nd Praet flag being considered?

    Especially in light of the U3 vs X1 upgrade controversy regarding this ship?

    A 2nd Praet flag would allow us to keep 1 flag Praet @ U3 and 1 @ X1
    to see which upgrade lvl and build helps us the most regarding taking the least amt of dmg to our fleet.
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