starting a raiding party

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How do you start a raiding party?  I have a platoon.  I have intel.
  • Shamus_Archer
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    click on the war commander logo next to your picture on top left hand side of screen its right next to your picture and has a little star after that you will see three buttons click middle one that says raids then click activate raid should start also you got to be in an alliance and the leader or officer. if not then create an alliance with 5 million thor.
  • waddapric
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    You have to lead an alliance to start a raid, it's only 5 mil thor to create your own.

    You also have to move the toons you want to use in raid to the raiding party section which you can do inside the platoon settings. Open the toon you want to use, then choose Raiding party from the drop down menu on the upper right corner. The toons must be fully healed to add to the raid.

    Then you can click on the raid icon on the left side of the screen and then click on raid to start the raid. You can only use the toons you put in the raiding party during the raid.

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