Kixeye can create new units without leaving useless old ones

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one of the reasons why many players stop the war commander.
 in addition to the constant mistakes of the company that makes her desperate for GOLD.
the challenge for the company and to be creating novelty without making the effort of the players improving their units and unlocking for months not be in vain, after 2 or 3 events.
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    If they don't render the old ones useless then people would stop getting & upgrading the new ones - they would just get a few they like & ignore the rest. 
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    It is possible to create new and useful units without leaving the old ones useless. is a company with several people responsible for that who simply do not fulfill the role well.

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    I think they should recycle old units to be useful again and stop making as many new units. this would make units worth the time and investment. 
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